Building Dreams, One Construction Project at a Time

We Are Your All-in-One Commercial and Residential Solution

Building Dreams, One Construction Project at a Time

We Are Your All-in-One Commercial and Residential Solution

Full-Service Construction: Crom Construction Inc.

As your trusted partner in residential and commercial construction, we at Crom Construction Inc. bring exceptional craftsmanship and diligent service to Reno, Nevada, and Tahoe, California.

Commitment to Excellence

We understand that every construction project is unique, and we commit ourselves to meet and exceed your expectations. With our full-service approach, we handle every aspect of your construction project from conception to completion.

Commercial Construction

Our experienced team delivers value and innovation in every commercial construction project we undertake. From corporate offices to retail spaces, we ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard.

Residential Construction

We bring the same level of dedication and expertise to our residential construction projects. Whether you dream of a new custom home or need a complete home renovation, we are here to make your vision a reality.

Full-Service Construction

We take pride in our all-inclusive approach to construction. From project planning and design to construction and project management, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Serving Reno, Nevada, and Tahoe, California

We are honored to serve the communities of Reno, Nevada, and Tahoe, California. We strive to create structures that not only meet our client’s needs but also contribute to the growth and development of these vibrant areas.

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“One of the biggest thing that impressed us about Mike is that we didn’t have clear view of what we were looking for, we knew we wanted to add on to our house and remodel our bathroom, and we had some plans, but we were struggling with things like where to put the door, and Mike kind of beat up our plans a bit and showed us a much better way. He helped a lot. He also came up with a solution for improving the deck. His work was excellent and so was his crew. We had used him 20 years ago and would use him again because he stays on his timeline and the quality of work is great. He says six weeks and it's six weeks.”

Ron and Kim Spoon,

Sparks NV

“Mike Crom was absolutely 100% great, on time and on with the bid, had a great crew, the job site wasn’t easy, the work he did is beautiful and we love it, the elevation from the back of the lot to the front was difficult and they were able to overcome the challenges of the limited space. He was just great, came through for us on everything and made our house into a real home. We recommend Mike to everyone we talk to. He gave us a start date, a finish date and cost and everything was right on.”

Tom and Brett Milligan,

Reno NV

Mike and his entire crew are amazing to work with, especially Saul and Ysaul. We have remodeled 3 homes with Crom Construction and are about to begin another remodel project with them. Each time Mike has overseen the projects from the daydream phase to completion. He offers ideas on how to be most cost effective while bringing your visions to life. Saul and Ysaul are always smiling while working and have become like family while they have been in our homes. All of their work ethic, congeniality and attention to detail are why we keep coming back!


“We had the pleasure of working with Crom Construction about 8 years ago and were very pleased with the outcome, so when the need recently arose we called on them to help us out again. Mike Crom is the kind of person that fine-tunes even the smallest detail before work begins. He doesn't like leaving anything to chance. His professionalism and knowledge is what brought us back the second time. Mike and his project manager are very hands-on and work with such great enthusiasm, and we noticed. They use only reputable subcontractors that have the same work ethics. As a customer we were always informed and knew where they were on the project. They truly DELIVER! It is a pleasure to support such a fine and caring company. We will use Crom Construction for all our construction needs in the future, you should too. Mike’s fabulous. My dad was a contractor and I think Mike’s one of the truly honest contractors out there.”

Pam Oster,

Reno NV

Project Date: June 2012
Crom Construction along with their support staff recently completed our garage addition while exceeding our expectations In workmanship and attention to detail. Neighbors have complimented us on the beautiful addition and detail meticulously carried out by Crom Construction. Mike Crom's goal with our project was the same as my wifes and mine, once completed have the addition appear to be original to our 1930's Spanish eclectic style brick home. Mike's vision, building trades knowledge and pride In workmanship made him the perfect fit to take on this complex and detailed a project. We would, without reservation, recommend Crom Construction for any size or complexity of project being considered. In addition to their professional demeanor while always respecting our privacy, Mike and his team were a pleasure to work with throughout the project.


I am a construction defect attorney. I had a case about 15 years ago Involving leaking balcony decks at a high-end Lake Tahoe condominium complex. Many architects and engineers had tried to solve the problem without success. Along came Mike Crom who presented an entirely different approach to the repair. The repair was completed by Crom Construction. The case then settled and the condominium owners are greatly pleased with the repair conducted at no cost to them.
In 2015, I moved into a new home and sought to sell my former residence. Unfortunately, the old home had a tired out-of-date look to it. I consulted with Mike Crom who proposed a dramatic remodel Crom Construction did the job and the house then sold at a considerable profit for me.
Then, in 2019 I decided to add a large free standing garage at my new home to house a motor harm and boat. I gave no thought
to hiring anyone other than Crom Construction. A beautiful building, the envy of my neighbors, was efficiently and timely completed by Crom Construction.
I wholeheartedly recommend Crom Construction to anyone needing a quality construction project.

Bob Maddox

Our family had the pleasure of working with Crom Construction on the new build of our 3800 sq.ft home in Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe. Mike's construction experience and exceptional ability to communicate not only with our family but the consultants, subs and suppliers throughout the entire process made for a smooth course. Our friends and other builders have continuously remarked on the quality of construction, creativeness and attention to detail. The construction site was clean and Mike continually had a presence on site. We highly recommend Mike Crom for any of your constructions needs.

The Parsons-Hashimoto Family

Crom Construction was my contractor to build a 4 story 5000 sf high-end home at 7700 ft elevation next to a ski slope. This project was complex due to various factors. First was the snow season: There are many months of the year where the amount of snow prevents some types of exterior and site work. Another factor was the very steep grade (30%) on the lot. This meant that there is a lot of excavation and soll retention required to build on this lot. New construction techniques were also employed on this project. The lower levels of the house used ICF (Integrated concrete forms) and SIPs (structural Insulated panels) construction were used to provide high structural performance as well as thermal performance instead of the traditional stock framing. The main structure of the house was based on timber frame construction which exposes structural wood beams on both inside of the house and outside. The roof was modified to add a cold roof (double roof) to eliminate the formation of ice dams. The floors included radiant floor heating instead of forced air. Building in the Tahoe mountains also requires compliance with strict fire codes: WUI (wilderness urban interface) requirements to toughen the resistance to sustained contact with fire. A tremendous amount of rock siding material was used to cover any lower parts of the house and any part of the house that might get in touch with the snow. Finally the HOA had strict guidelines which had to be met.
This project required careful planning and communications. During certain times in the project weekly meetings were needed to provide the communication channels between the architect, contractor, Interior designer, and owner. Crom construction provided clear and consistent communications and we have many active sessions working through complex design and decisions.
I'm not going to lie and say there were no disagreements or issues in the project. Of course the owner will say that the project cost and the project schedule are not ideal. That is just a fact of life on a project of this scale in this environment. There were also a variety of disagreements where I pushed for using cheaper material or techniques. Crom Construction vigorously fought to maintain the highest quality of materials and construction methods and in the end won. Would I have saved money in this process if we decided to go the direction that I was pushing for? Yes, but in the end I'm pleased that we spend the additional money and time. In the end the final result and the quality of the end product was well worth it. Of course for other types of projects cutting cost would have been acceptable but for this project it was not.
Crom was very meticulous in the quality of workmanship and were keeping a tight oversight on all the subcontractors that were working the various trades on this project. Site supervision was critical to coordinate and monitor all the subs were producing quality work
Summary: Great Job!!!!